In addition to serving as editor of this blog, I am the Managing Editor of PaulCBrunson.com, the personal website and blog for the award-winning matchmaker and professional life coach, Paul Carrick Brunson. On that platform, we publish value-adding, actionable content to provide you with Practical Advice For Your Big Dreams!

I’ve also written pieces for some other really cool places, so I guess you could call me: The Well-WRITTEN Herring. <— See what I did there?

For Your Black World/Your Black Bloggers:

I had the pleasure to serve as a contributing writer to a blogging network dedicated to providing the latest news regarding the African American community. I was responsible for writing thought-provoking, op-ed pieces tackling issues in education, politics, health and international issues in order to encourage readers to think critically about matters impacting our communities.

For the Politics and Patriotism Show:

For a year, I had the great pleasure of serving as a weekly contributor, guest host, and resident media expert to this half-hour long, non-partisan podcast program discussing national and international newsworthy issues, with an emphasis on political implications of these issues. I worked collaboratively with a network of domestic and international contributors to discuss matters of interest not always covered in-depth by mainstream media outlets. It was an enriching experience because I was  responsible for creatively conceptualizing, pitching, and researching topics for discussion relevant to podcast subscribers. I also wrote blog articles relevant to topics discussed. Below are just a few of my featured episodes: