I discuss. I debate. I pontificate. I am…

The Well-Read Herring

Courtney Herring

Red | Her•ring: the informal fallacy of presenting an argument that may in itself be valid, but does not address the issue in question.

My name is Courtney Herring. I go by the Well-Read Herring because it sounds cool words are this girl’s best friends, and because in the news, everything ain’t as it seems.

From the age of three, I have been enamored with news media. In 1990, when the future President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, was released from prison after 27 years, I was proud to stand on the edge of the fireplace in my childhood home and announce his release. Alongside the television anchor, I yelled at the top of my lungs, “Ladies and gentleman, Nelson Mandela!”  I knew that I ultimately wanted to become a storyteller, and I still have the same passion for the news as I did when I was three years old.

Because of my unwavering interest (borderline obsession) regarding the ways that the news and other informative sources of media work, I decided to dedicate this space to investigating, discussing and ranting about the ways media communicates to the public. I have a background in Communications and Media Studies, so basically, I’m kind of a big deal I eat, sleep and drink this stuff.

Now, I’m pretty much a nerd who just wants you to know how I feel about stuff a 20-something media junkie and news aficionado who understands that mainstream media is notorious for smoke and mirrors. I share stories and current events of interest and offer my unadulterated and (sometimes) controversial views to incite discussion and debate.

I’m all news everything. I’d like to think of myself as a witty wordsmith, an opinionated provocateur, and an unrelenting rabble-rouser. I can’t go more than 24 hours without knowing what’s going on in my world. I love discussing “-isms” and “schisms.” My favorite channels are CNN (well…), MSNBC and my local PBS affiliate. Any given moment I’m browsing the Huffington Post, NPR, and Al Jazeera, and I incessantly scan my Twitter feed for the latest news.

Thanks for reading and feel free to argue with me. I enjoy spirited debates!

You can also catch me spitting my unsolicited 2-cents about everything from Beyonce to the budget crisis on Twitter and Facebook.